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(we walk by faith; not by sight) 2 Cor. 5:7

Faith Vision Ministries

We are most actively serving on the Navajo Reservation, stationed in Manuelito, NM.  We minister the love and Word of God daily.  You will find us teaching and preaching, leading worship and prayer services at churches as well. 

Navajo H2O is the name of our Mission where We run a Navajo H2O Food Pantry, serving thousands of individuals in need at least twice a week.  We are also in the early stages of planting and planning an organic garden complete with fruit trees and veggies.  God tells us in His word to take care of the poor and needy, to plant and reap, to occupy till He comes. 

We currently have a mobile  Church Ministry; The Refuge.  The Refuge is pastored by Davanna Driggers.  Davanna Carrigan is Worship Pastor. . The Refuge support team: Scott Dorman; Deacon.  Anthony Carrigan,  drummer.  Stone Driggers; lead guitarist.  Larry D Driggers, evangelist.    There is a link to right for The Refuge on the web. on FaceBook. 


Our Sr. Leaders, Pastor Davanna Driggers and Rev. Larry Driggers are currently serving fulltime on the mission field at The Navajo Nation and travel back to SC to minister as well. They have been joined by the rest of the above listed team for full time ministry to the Navajo people.  and  are links to follow their ministry to the Navajo Nation.   For the most up to date pictures and day to day happenings, visit our facebook pages. 

In 2013 Navajo H2O, began to see her vision of bringing fresh water wells to the Navajo Reservation manifest:

In the Book of John, Chapter 4 Jesus tells the woman at the well "...Whosoever drinks of this water shall thirst again:  But whosoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life."

 Since our first visit to the Navajo Reservation in 2003 we have prayed and searched for information and opportunities to be able to make a difference in the water scarcity situation on the Reservation.  This year, after 10 years of prayer, God has allowed us to be blessed with a group of servants of God from Alabama's Fyfe Church of God to revive a 12 year dormant well!!! That's right, the well we found had be standing dormant for at least 12 years!  This Spring, that well was revived providing fresh clean well water to a community whose surrounding water sources are quickly drying up! While the Alabama team was there, they also distributed several hundred pounds of beans and clothing to different locations in the surrounding area. This passionate team also held a VBS in Pine Hill, NM.   This phase of the project was sponsored by Fyfe COG, and caring individual people.

This July, we also delivered clothing through outreach ministry and  holding a VBS in the Water Flow community of NM.   We were personally  blessed to complete this 1st well project by installing a 1500 gallon water tank and tower.

The Refuge Worship Center

The Refuge is our Worship Ministry we recently named our Worship Band; Water is Life.  The Refuge ministry is now mobile and remains a "place" where we equip the saints for ministry in the field which so very ready for the harvest.  

The Refuge on Facebook

Visit our web page by clicking this link:  The Refuge . Or Follow TheRefuge on Facebook:

 NAVAJO H20; Winter 2012

This winter, a team from The Refuge traveled by car to the Navajo Nation serve in outreach ministry.  They went armed with chain saws and axes to cut much needed firewood for the elders, widows, and other families with no access to fire wood to heat their homes during the bitter cold winter season.   Our team of 3 young men, our pastor and her husband, we blessed to meet hand serve many families. There was a day that they spent repairing a home by replacing a broken window an patching the roof and holes in the outer walls. And a couple of mornings on which they were blessed to help on a new church on the reservation.  Our Navajo H2O team will be traveling again this summer to help with installation of wells and community gardens for people who have no running water and travel for many miles to collect water which is often contaminated. We all appreciate your prayers and support. 

Square Foot Gardening for The Gospel; Old Mill Community Square Foot Gardens

 Our Community Gardens at Lexington's Old Mill/The Refuge were sponsored by individuals who want to help those in need.  They were located at Lexington's Old Mill.  We are very pleased to share with you that the gardens' harvests were a blessing to many needy families in the area.  All of the boxes here are 100% for the needy.  Our volunteers water, care for, and harvest the vegetables.   We have delivered the vegetables to those who have no transportation. Rev. Larry is adamant about seeing to it that the gardens are watered, and Pastor Davanna helps the plants on the trellis, and offers helpful information to the curious passsers by who stop and ask questions. Visitors to the Old Mill admire and visit the gardens daily. Our entire team was highly instrumental in seeing this project prosper when we were there in Lexington. 


 Below are a few testimonies and "Thank You's" from our recipients:


"thank you so much for the veggies ,  god bless you"

"thank you, we have been scavenging for food"

"thank you!  these are the first fresh vegetables I've had in a long time, I can't wait to get in the kitchen!"  


The Sponsors of these 100% Organic Square Foot Garden Boxes are:

Individuals who love people and love to Square Foot Garden and 

The Refuge





The Refuge Clothing Outreach

The Refuge hosted a clothing outreach at the beginning of June. We were blessed to be able t supply clothing to about 200 people in less than 2 days.  We were especially blessed to be able to lend a listening ear, and offer prayer and God's love with many.  Below are a few comments and testimonies. And YES, we will do this again before school starts.  Watch for our  Back to School event. 

"Thank you so much. People who know us dont relize what we dont have. My husband goes to school full time and holds a full time job as well. I also work full time and things just cant seem to go our way at all. I want tou and the refuge to know how much the clothes helped our family. We didnt take to much so there would be stuff for other familys. From the deepest part of my heart thank you sooooooo much. Words can not express how much that mwant to me and my family" 

"Is your church going to do that again anytime soon? I completely forgot about yesterday due to my son being sick!!!" 

thank you for being HIS hands and feet! ♥ 




Ministering at Apache' Camp Meeting @ Fire On The Mountain's Camp Meeting 2011Our Mission team and Pastor Davanna were truly blessed to minister with Pastor Edmund Cosay  to the Apache of White Mountain, Arizona.  Pastor Davanna was privileged to be the guest speaker that night and was asked to pray over the multitude of people there.  What a great blessing it was!  All the people were such amazing people with stories of hard lives and joy beyond measure in Jesus. Visit our FB Cause page




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